The Keys to a Blessed Life Complete Audio Series

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Rick Warren
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God wants to bless your life! The problem is that people often don't live in ways that God can bless. Join Pastor Rick for this series as he walks through Jesus' most famous sermon, the Sermon on the Mount, where he shared the Beatitudes — the conditions for receiving God's blessing on your life. They still apply to your life today!

Messages include:

  • Message 1: It Depends on Who You Depend On
  • Message 2: How God Blesses Broken Hearts
  • Message 3: The Strength of Gentleness
  • Message 4: Why You Need to Stay Hungry
  • Message 5: Your Ministry of Mercy
  • Message 6: God Blesses a Heart of Integrity
  • Message 7: How to Reconcile a Relationship
  • Message 8: Handling Opposition to Your Faith
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