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The Seven Greatest Words of Love Complete Audio Series

The Seven Greatest Words of Love Complete Audio Series

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If there were ever a time the world needed to hear a message from the cross, it is today. Join Pastor Rick for this series, where he shares four words from Christ’s cross that will change the way you live and minister to others.

Message 1: The Word of Forgiveness
Message 2: The Word of Assurance
Message 3: ​The Word of Love
Message 4: The Word of Substitution
Message 5: ​The Word of Humanity
Message 6: The Word of Victory
Message 7: ​The Word of Trust


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    The Daniel Plan: God's Prescription for a Healthy Life, Complete Audio Series

    God wants you to get healthy! In this series of messages, Pastor Rick shares how to change your life — your health, the way you think, the goals you set, and the way you treat others — so that you can accomplish God’s purpose for you and bring glory to him.

    Message 1 - Why We Need Each Other

    Message 2 - Getting Your Ship Out of the Harbor

    Message 3 - Setting Goals in Faith

    Message 4 - What It Takes to Really Change

    Message 5 - God's Prescription for Health

    Message 6 - Winning With the Hand You're Dealt

    Message 7 - The Awesome Power of Focus

    Message 8 - The Amazing Power of Forgiveness

    Message 9 - The Awesome Power of Faith

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