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The Seven Greatest Words of Love Complete Audio Series

The Seven Greatest Words of Love Complete Audio Series

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If there were ever a time the world needed to hear a message from the cross, it is today. Join Pastor Rick for this series, where he shares four words from Christ’s cross that will change the way you live and minister to others.

Message 1: The Word of Forgiveness
Message 2: The Word of Assurance
Message 3: ​The Word of Love
Message 4: The Word of Substitution
Message 5: ​The Word of Humanity
Message 6: The Word of Victory
Message 7: ​The Word of Trust


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    Find courage to transform yourself and impact the world around you!

    Everything God does in your life, He does by His grace and through your faith. So if you want God to work through you to influence those around you, start by developing a deeper trust in Him! As you explore the six faith-building sessions in this DVD Bible study, you’ll learn how to find the courage to leave your comfort zone, make a lasting difference in the lives of others, use generosity to change your life, and more! 


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    Daring Faith: The Key to Miracles Complete Audio Series

    Many people think that gift giving at Christmas was started by the Wise Men when they brought gifts to the baby Jesus. But it was God who gave the first Christmas gift. Join Pastor Rick as he talks about God’s generosity and how Christmas without the cross has little meaning.

    Message 1: What Happens When You Have Faith

    Message 2: How to Get Ready for a Miracle

    Message 3: Daring to Believe

    Message 4: Daring to Imagine

    Message 5: Daring to Give God My Best

    Message 6: Daring to Plant in Faith

    Message 7: Daring to Commit

    Message 8: Daring to be Generous

    Message 9: Daring to Wait on God

    Message 10: Daring to Go in Faith

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