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The Seven Greatest Words of Love Complete Audio Series

The Seven Greatest Words of Love Complete Audio Series

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If there were ever a time the world needed to hear a message from the cross, it is today. Join Pastor Rick for this series, where he shares four words from Christ’s cross that will change the way you live and minister to others.

Message 1: The Word of Forgiveness
Message 2: The Word of Assurance
Message 3: ​The Word of Love
Message 4: The Word of Substitution
Message 5: ​The Word of Humanity
Message 6: The Word of Victory
Message 7: ​The Word of Trust


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    Unshakable Complete Audio Series

    In this series, Pastor Rick teaches from the life of Daniel. God tested Daniel through every stage of his life, from his teenage years all the way into retirement. And the practical lessons from Daniel’s story will help you to stand firm in your beliefs and to develop a greater trust in God.

    Message 1 - When Your World is Shaken Up

    Message 2 - ​When You're Pressured to Conform

    Message 3 - ​When Your Beliefs are Belittled

    Message 4 - ​When You're Asked to Do the Impossible

    Message 5 - When the Heat is On

    Message 6 - When God Tests You with Success

    Message 7 - Are You Learning From Those Who Came Before You?

    Message 8 - Will You Stand Strong for God Publicly?

    Message 9 - The Kind of Prayer God Answers

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