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Awesome Relationships Study Kit (1 DVD + 1 Workbook)

Awesome Relationships Study Kit (1 DVD + 1 Workbook)

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It takes time and intention to create awesome relationships. We all long for this genuine connection, but we’re often frustrated with the state of our relationships.  If you’d like to improve all of your relationships then you’ll want to experience Pastor Rick’s new four week DVD study called, “Awesome Relationships.” In this amazing study Pastor Rick shows you how to be intentional about building up your relationships so you can experience the awesome relationships that you desire. 

Through this 4-week study, Pastor Rick will teach you:
Why marriage matters.
The four traits of awesome families.
The six golden rules of friendship. 
How to build a friendship with God.

Sessions include:
Session 1: Fighting For An Awesome Marriage 
Session 2: Fighting For An Awesome Family 
Session 3: Fighting For Awesome Friendships 
Session 4: Becoming Best Friends With God   
BONUS: The Seasons Of Marriage   



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Many people step into the Christmas season run down and worn out. And by the time January rolls around, they’re so exhausted that they’ve completely missed the real reason for the season.

But there’s really no better time to recalibrate your heart toward Jesus than during the holidays. And Pastor Rick Warren’s book, The Purpose of Christmas, can help you fill your Christmas with more of God’s love and peace by making Christ the center of your life.  


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Radicalis: Developing Spiritual Roots Complete Audio Series

This series is for believers who want to renew their faith. Is it time to stop just going through the motions? Do you feel like you’re just sleepwalking, not really putting your heart into the things you do? The world needs radical believers today who go back to the Bible and live the way God intended for us to live. Join Pastor Rick as he teaches you how God will reenergize your faith as you live rooted in the Father’s unconditional love.

Message 1 - Radical Gratitude

Message 2 - Radial Faith

Message 3 - Radical Joy

Message 4 - Radial Hope

Message 5 - Radical Generosity

Message 6 - Radical Freedom

Message 7 - Radical Love

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