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Philippians Devotional-The Eight Places Joy is Won or Lost - Hardcover Book

Philippians Devotional - The Eight Places Joy is Won or Lost - Hardcover Book

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Learn how to boldly live out God's Word in your daily life!

This powerful four-week study of Philippians is transforming; serving up daily foundational habits that tap into God’s unshakeable truths so you can apply them generously to every area of your life. Your journey will linger in life-changing scriptures, as you cultivate a personal commitment to rejoice in the Lord always.

Based on Tom Holladay’s popular podcast, Drivetime Devotions, this personal study is designed to be read daily, fi ve days a week, so you have the margin to stay on track from week to week. You will be deeply inspired by Paul’s unwavering pursuit of thankfulness and joy—regardless of his circumstances. Celebrate the fact that joy isn’t the absence of problems. It’s the Jesus-inspired ingredient that equips you with the resilience you need to handle any relationship or problem.

As you respond to God’s faithfulness in prayer he will give you peace, contentment, and an unwavering confi dence. Philippians 4:13 will come to life as you wholeheartedly believe that you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.

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