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ACurrent Offer: Eternal Realities: Heaven and Hell Complete CD Audio Series (2 Bonus Easter Messages)

Eternal Realities: Heaven and Hell Complete Audio Series (2 Bonus Easter Messages)

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Are heaven and hell real places and what are they like? How can you be absolutely certain you’ll spend eternity in heaven?  To answer these questions and more, Pastor Rick put together an audio series called, Eternal Realities: Heaven and Hell.

This is a great series to share with people you know who may not realize the eternal significance of their earthly decisions.  You’ll want to have this inspired teaching collection in your library of Christian resources. Also, as a special bonus, we’ve added all of the messages from “The Hope of Easter.”  This includes a teaching called, “The Answer is Easter” which is perhaps the most personal, the most powerful, and the most encouraging message that Pastor Rick has ever shared.

Session 1: The Reality of Hell
Session 2: The Reality of Heaven
Session 3: How To Be Certain You're Going to Heaven
Session 4: Amazing Grace
Session 5: The Answer is Easter

We’ll send you this inspired series as a thank you for your donation to Daily Hope. Your financial gifts make it possible for us to tell people all over the world about the hope of Jesus.



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Find courage to transform yourself and impact the world around you!

Everything God does in your life, He does by His grace and through your faith. So if you want God to work through you to influence those around you, start by developing a deeper trust in Him! As you explore the six faith-building sessions in this DVD Bible study, you’ll learn how to find the courage to leave your comfort zone, make a lasting difference in the lives of others, use generosity to change your life, and more! 


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Daring Faith: The Key to Miracles Complete Audio Series

Many people think that gift giving at Christmas was started by the Wise Men when they brought gifts to the baby Jesus. But it was God who gave the first Christmas gift. Join Pastor Rick as he talks about God’s generosity and how Christmas without the cross has little meaning.

Message 1: What Happens When You Have Faith

Message 2: How to Get Ready for a Miracle

Message 3: Daring to Believe

Message 4: Daring to Imagine

Message 5: Daring to Give God My Best

Message 6: Daring to Plant in Faith

Message 7: Daring to Commit

Message 8: Daring to be Generous

Message 9: Daring to Wait on God

Message 10: Daring to Go in Faith

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