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ACurrent Offer: Eternal Realities: Heaven and Hell Complete CD Audio Series (2 Bonus Easter Messages)

Eternal Realities: Heaven and Hell Complete Audio Series (2 Bonus Easter Messages)

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Are heaven and hell real places and what are they like? How can you be absolutely certain you’ll spend eternity in heaven?  To answer these questions and more, Pastor Rick put together an audio series called, Eternal Realities: Heaven and Hell.

This is a great series to share with people you know who may not realize the eternal significance of their earthly decisions.  You’ll want to have this inspired teaching collection in your library of Christian resources. Also, as a special bonus, we’ve added all of the messages from “The Hope of Easter.”  This includes a teaching called, “The Answer is Easter” which is perhaps the most personal, the most powerful, and the most encouraging message that Pastor Rick has ever shared.

Session 1: The Reality of Hell
Session 2: The Reality of Heaven
Session 3: How To Be Certain You're Going to Heaven
Session 4: Amazing Grace
Session 5: The Answer is Easter

We’ll send you this inspired series as a thank you for your donation to Daily Hope. Your financial gifts make it possible for us to tell people all over the world about the hope of Jesus.



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Many people step into the Christmas season run down and worn out. And by the time January rolls around, they’re so exhausted that they’ve completely missed the real reason for the season.

But there’s really no better time to recalibrate your heart toward Jesus than during the holidays. And Pastor Rick Warren’s book, The Purpose of Christmas, can help you fill your Christmas with more of God’s love and peace by making Christ the center of your life.  


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Can You Hear Me Now? Complete Audio Series

In this series, Can You Hear Me Now?, you will learn how God made you to love you, and he wants you to know him as well as he knows you. To have a relationship with him, you have to communicate! In this series, Pastor Rick walks through the reasons and means God uses to speak to you and how you need to respond so that you can recognize his voice and respond in obedience.

Message 1 - God Wants to Talk with You

Message 2 - ​How God Talks to You

Message 3 - ​How to Get Guidance from God

Message 4 - ​How to Recognize God's Voice

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