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Uncommon Courage, Message 2, The Courage to Keep You Going

Uncommon Courage, Message 2, The Courage to Keep Going

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Ever had a bad day? Everyone has learned that life is hard and filled with disappointment. In this message series, Pastor Rick uses the biblical character of Job to explain the right way to respond to the crisis, loss, or pain in your life and how to keep going when you feel like giving up.


(Includes All Broadcasts Parts in 1 Continuous Message)


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The Miracle of Mercy Study Kit

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There’s a reason God talks about mercy so much in the Bible – because it’s one of the most important character traits He wants to develop in us!

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The Miracle of Mercy, Complete Audio Series

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“Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.”  - Matthew 5:7 NIV

God’s mercy is the only real way to heal broken hearts, renew forgotten dreams, and refresh tired souls. It’s the cure to every insecurity, worry, and fear in your life.

We want to help you more fully experience God’s healing mercy with The Miracle of Mercy complete audio series.

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