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Connecting with God: The Lords Prayer AUDIO Complete Series

Connecting with God: The Lords Prayer AUDIO Complete Series

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The Lords Prayer is one of the most well-known prayers in the Bible.  It's also one of the richest, filled with hope and answers to life's most stressful situations and difficult questions.  Join Pastor Rick as he mines each verse of The Lords Prayer, both uncovering God's wisdom and discovering what it truly means to be spiritually connected to God and to one another.  Your life will forever be transformed.

Connecting with God: The Lords Prayer Includes the Following Messages:

  1. Message 1 - You've Got to Get Connected
  2. Message 2 - Prayer of Connection
  3. Message 3 - Prayer of Surrender
  4. Message 4 - Prayer of Dependence
  5. Message 5 – Prayer of Cleansing
  6. Message 6 - Prayer of Release
  7. Message 7 – Prayer of Deliverance
  8. Message 8 - Prayer of Fulfillment
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Just began hearing this series but can already tell it is going to be the best of all of his preaching (I think each one is the best until I hear the next one!!). This is the best because if I can't learn what God's love for me really means so I can love Him and others, then all the rest of the messages are great but will never have the power needed to fulfill living out the Christian life as God intended......I will always be struggling, never experiencing the Peace He promises. When I can own this concept for my own, I can throw away my "be happy" pills. Thank you isn't enough to express how very thankful I am for this message to be made available. P Hughes, Texas

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