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You Make Me Crazy Study Kit (1 Workbook + 1 DVD)

You Make Me Crazy Study Kit (1 Workbook + 1 DVD)

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We all have relationships that drive us crazy.  Whether it’s a boyfriend or girlfriend, spouse, sibling, parent, co-worker, or crazy relative you see once a year at Thanksgiving, a crazy-maker can really make life difficult.

This 6 week video study from Rick Warren will help bring sanity to your relationships so you can do more than just coexist.  Learn how to connect with the crazy-makers in your life through these six sessions:

Contents Include:

  • Session One: How to Be Wise in Relationships
  • Session Two: Who's Pushing Your Buttons?
  • Session Three: How To Resolve Conflict
  • Session Four: Breaking Free From Abuse
  • Session Five: Escaping the People-Pleaser Trap
  • Session Six: Keeping the Crazy-Makers from Making You Crazy


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Because we all know someone who tests our patience . . .

God calls us to love real people who don’t always act ideal. But it’s not easy. That’s why Pastor Rick Warren’s complete audio series titled, You Make Me Crazy, is so powerful. It’s a series worth sharing with others. And it’s a series you’ll want to hear yourself again and again. 


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You Make Me Crazy Complete Audio Series

We all want peace in our relationships, since they are the only things in our lives that will last. In this message series, Pastor Rick helps you understand that to be a peaceful person, you need to be more like Jesus Christ. Join him as he talks more about how God is your perfect model of peace.

Message 1: Six Keys to Peace In Relationships

Message 2: Who's Pushing Your Buttons?

Message 3: Resolving Conflict

Message 4: Finding the Love of Your Life

Message 5: Breaking Free from Abuse

Message 6: When Escaping the People Pleaser Trap

Message 7: Keeping the Crazymakers from Making You Crazy

Message 8: How to Keep Your Marriage Growing

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