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God's Answers to Life's Difficult Questions - Hardback Book

God's Answer's to Life's Difficult Questions

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How can you cope with stress? Rebound from failure? Defeat depression? Have peace of mind? Life's difficult questions have answers. Answers from the Bible can change your outlook and your life.

Rick Warren takes you to the Bible for answers to twelve of life's toughest questions. Drawing from the examples of different biblical characters who faced the same issues, Warren offers concise, practical insights you can understand and apply in order to move past hardships and experience a life of purpose and significance.

Rick Warren writes, "In each of these studies, you will discover simple ways to apply God's truth to your personal life, your family, and your job. The way to get the most out of this book is to act on it.

Let Rick Warren take you inside the Scriptures to see what they reveal about twelve of the most pressing questions people ask. This book provides simple, straightforward answers you can begin to apply right away to move past your worst sticking points and enjoy a life of purpose, peace, and significance. 

Chapter Titles are: 

  • How Can I Cope With Stress?
  • How Can I Rebound From Failure?
  • How Can I Defeat Depression?
  • How Can I Live Above Average?
  • How Can I Have Peace of Mind?
  • How Can I Handle Discouragement?
  • How Can I Overcome My Problems?
  • How Can I Be Confident In A Crisis?
  • How Can I Ever Change?
  • How Did I Get Myself Into This Mess?
  • How Can I Overcome Loneliness?
  • Why Is This Happening To Me?



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