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The Invisible War Audio Complete Series (with Free Study Guide)

The Invisible War DVD Complete Series With A Free Daily Hope Eight-Message Audio Study Guide

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During this series we are giving 1 FREE Eight-Message Audio Study Guide when you purchase this 8 CD Message Audio Series.(October 16th, 2014 - November 21st, 2014)

Why is everything in life so hard? Why does doing the right thing often feel like a battle? In this new series, Pastor Rick shares insights from God’s Word about the unseen spiritual forces working against us; the invisible war between good and evil. This series will help you win the battle within.

As the first series in Pastor Rick's Daily Hope radio program, we hope you love the Invisible War! Please connect with us and let us know how the teaching has helped you! Email us your story!

The Invisible War Includes the Following Messages:

  1. Message 1 - When You Feel Like Giving Up
  2. Message 2 - Winning The Battle Inside Me
  3. Message 3 - Set Free From Me
  4. Message 4 - Making The Hard Changes in Me
  5. Message 5 – Why Is Life In This World So Hard?
  6. Message 6 - Being Faithful In A Faithless World
  7. Message 7 – When Your World Falls Apart
  8. Message 8 - Never Fight Your Battles Undressed

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Radicalis: Developing Spiritual Roots Complete Audio Series

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