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40 Days of Community: Better Together, Devotional & Journal

40 Days of Community: Better Together, Devotional & Journal

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Are you ready to take a step towards better relationships? This devotional and journal is a personal companion through your journey of 40 Days of Community with selected Scriptures and considerations from Pastor Rick Warren.

40 Days of Community teaches steps you can take in order to practice God's five purposes and live a healthy, balanced, purpose driven life. In the next 40 days we will answer the question, "What on earth are WE here for?" Here's a clue to the answer: WE'RE BETTER TOGETHER!

This devotional and journal is a vital resource for everyone participating in 40 Days of Community.

Features include:

  • 40 daily devotional readings based on the "One Another's" of the Bible.
  • 40 days of journaling pages for you to record your thoughts and prayers in response to your devotional reading.


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Just like exercise builds your physical muscles, God has a workout program for you to strengthen your faith. And in the Everything Is Possible with God Study Kit, Rick Warren shows you God’s divine training routine to help you strengthen your faith and develop your character.

In these six eye-opening sessions, Rick takes you through what he calls the “six phases of faith,” exploring subjects like how God builds your faith, how to make wise decisions, and moving from dead-end to deliverance. 


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God's Dream for Your Life, Complete Audio Series

The Bible says in Matthew 9:29, “According to your faith let it be done to you.” That’s the key to the great adventure of following Jesus Christ. God says, “You get to choose how much I bless your life. You believe, and I’ll do it. You believe, and I’ll bless.” Join Pastor Rick for this series on how to believe in and be faithful to God’s dream for your life.

Message 1 - How God Builds Your Faith

Message 2 - ​God's Dream for Your Life

Message 3 - ​How to Make Wise Decisions

Message 4 - ​Delayed by Design

Message 5 - How to Deal with Difficulty

Message 6 - From Deadend to Deliverance

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