How to Get Through What You're Going Through Complete Audio Series

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Rick Warren and Kay Warren
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Life often doesn't make sense, and dishes up a lot more questions than answers. We simply don't know why things happen the way they do. But we do know we can experience peace because God is with us and he loves us.

Loss is inevitable. Bad things happen. When the unexpected comes your way, your world is instantly turned upside down. You long to understand why. Why did my husband walk out on me? Why did my wife die of cancer? Why did I lose my job? Why am I struggling with mental health issues?

In this groundbreaking study, Pastor Rick and Kay Warren will help you understand the journey of grief and what to expect along the way. From the initial shock, to the unbearable sorrow, you struggle with reality and ultimately surrender on a pathway to peace and service. It's not a linear experience but with God's Word and his ways, he will carry you through it.

Grief is God's tool for you getting through the transitions of life. You can have hope knowing God is in control, he will bring good out of bad, and he has a plan to use your pain for a purpose.

Messages include:

  • Message 1: How We're Getting Through
  • Message 2: When Your World Collapses
  • Message 3: Getting Through Life's Losses
  • Message 4: Struggle: When Life Makes No Sense
  • Message 5: Surrender: The Path to Peace
  • Message 6: Never Waste a Pain
  • Message 7: Transformed by Trouble
  • Message 8: Finding Treasure in Darkness by Kay Warren
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